How to make the perfect

Fimo/Sculpey nose every time!

I like using Fimo/Sculpey noses on my minky bears but I get frustrated that I cant get nice even shape to noses all the time.  I end up with heaps of noses that I'm not happy with and don't want to use on my bears.  So I am going to share my secret to perfect shaped noses every time.
I found this cool Silicone Mold Putty stuff on Etsy. 
The shop name is Miniature Sweet (one of my favourite shops) and if you type in Silicone Mould Putty you should be able to find it. 
Firstly you will need to make a nose or noses that you are happy with the shape from Fimo or Sculpey to use as an original.
Then take even parts of each the blue and the white putty
For one smallish nose I use about 5 grams of each.
Then knead them together until really well combined.
Then push your original nose gently into your ball of Silicone putty.  You need to ensure that there is about 5mm of putty underneath the nose so the mould isn't too thin.
Then leave the Silicone Putty to set for about an hour or so. It air dries you don't have to bake it.
If you have curious hands in your house like my house leave a note so little or big fingers don't touch your mould while it is setting:) 
Then just simply pop out your original nose and
that's it your mould will be ready to use.

To make noses in your new mould.

 Take a piece of Fimo or Sculpey and roll into little balls and push into the mould.  I make sure the backs of my noses are nice and flat or even slightly indented so they fit nicely on the bears muzzle.  Try to smooth the edges of the nose inwards so you are not left with jagged edges on your nose.  I have always used Fimo in the past and it works great but recently started using the Sculpey I find it softer and a bit easier to work with especially with these moulds.
You can put a push a little piece of u shaped wire into the back of the nose if you like to use to attach the nose to your bear.  I usually glue nose on with a really good superglue especially for leather and fabric.
Then pop onto an oven tray and bake at 130 degrees celsius for about 10 to 15 minutes. 
Ta da - perfect shaped noses every time:)

Hand Painted Eyes

 You will need -

Different coloured nail polish's including black
  • Forceps
  • Strong needle
  • Nail polish remover and cotton wool or ready to use wipes (I use these they are much easier)
  • Some clear glass eyes

Clamp the forceps onto the wire loop of the eye and paint the back of the eyes.
 I really like using black as my first colour but you can use whatever you like.
Wait for the paint to go a tacky but not dry! Then start scraping the paint off in strokes from the middle to the outside of the eye using the eye end of the needle.  If you wait for the paint to dry it will chip off in chunks and you won't have the nice little lines. 
Wait a little bit for it too dry a bit more and then add another coat, maybe a glitter colour if you like a sparkly eye!  Wait for it to go tacky and then start scraping again as with the first coat. 
Now you can continue adding colours as you please, just keep going until you are
happy with the ways your eyes look. 
I like to put colours on in this order - Black, Glitter and then a plain matching colour.
When you are happy with the colour clean up the front and sides of the eyes with the nail polish wipes, or nail polish remover and cotton wool.
If you mess it up don't worry just clean it off with nail polish remover and start again.
Hint: you will find when you paint over a previous layer it softens it up therefore you can blend in the colours and change it a bit if you aren't happy with the way it looks. 
 I also do the same to each eye at the same time other wise I end up with mismatched eyes.
I love blue eyes but your imagination is the limit, there are so many colours that you can buy other than pink and red.  Try brown, or green!

  Have fun!

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