Memory Bears

Beautiful Bears made from your loved ones clothing.

Have you lost a loved one and would like to have a lovely keepsake that you can cherish forever?
A Memory Bear is a wonderful way of remembering those precious people in your life.
 Memory Bears are made using quality Eyes, Joints, Stuffing and Threads.
They will be completely lined if required. All seams are double stitched to ensure durability.
Basic Price is AU$130 plus postage costs if required.
AU$30 Deposit is required. 
Locals we can arrange a time for drop off and pick up.
If there is any specific requests that require more work price may be a higher.
Please note:  The thicker the fabric or material the better.  Dressing gowns, Pjs, Jumpers or are terrific.  Fine fabrics are not really suitable but I will always try and accomodate what clothing you may have.  All cothing needs to soaked in Napisan or something similar and then washed before I can use it.  This just ensures that the fabric is lovely and clean and free of stains therefore we find no nasty spots appearing after the bear is completed like mould etc. or spots we cant see that insects might like to eat.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via messages on my facebook page or email
These two lovely bears are made from a dressing gown, flanalette Pjs and a flanalette shirt.

This lovely bear was made from a knitted cardigan and lots of hankies. 
The lady we made this bear in memory for loved hankies so we tried to make it a feature. 
The paw pads, ears and flowers are all made from hankies.  

These two lovelies were made for the same family. The pinky coloured one is made from two nighties and the other made from a set of flanalette Pj's.

This beautiful lavender bear is made from a wool blanket.

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