About Me

I can’t really remember when I first started making bears.  
I think it was around 12 years ago.  
My first bear was nothing like the picture in the book and her ears are now falling off, 
but I still have her, she is a little bit special.
I would by Bear Magazines and admire all the bears and always wanted to have a go at making one.  I thought I needed a sewing machine to sew bears so I when I finally bought a wacky do sewing machine I was so excited.  I was finally able to have a go.  At the same time I bought my machine, just by chance I stumbled upon a lovely lady who took bear making classes not far from my home.  I rang her up and decided to go but when I asked about bringing my machine she said to me oh no you don’t need a sewing machine we sew them all by hand.  Well my machine is still in new condition after all this time! 

At first making bears was just a hobby that I used for relaxation.  I struggled for 13 years trying to have a baby.  I did lots and lots of IVF and making bears helped me through it, it gave me something nice to focus on.  They were kind of like my therapy to help me through the tough times.  I had many times when I was very depressed and sad,  I would make myself sit down and do some bears and it always lifted my mood.  They were my saviour.

I started making my own patterns early on just for the challenge really.  I love trying new  techniques.  I have tried lots of things over the years, needle felted muzzles, eyelashes, pulled toes, open mouths, waxed noses, polymer noses, shading by hand and airbrushing.  I like to mix it up and do lots of different things.  I like to use different types of fur including mohair, alpaca and more recently recycled mink fur.
I decided to start selling patterns and kits for my bears a couple of years ago when I became a very happy stay at home mum to my beautiful little girl. I don’t make big numbers of bears to sell because I am a working mum but love making them and sharing the patterns. 

I haven’t entered any competitions in recent years but when I first started out I entered quite a few local shows in which I did very well winning a few Bear of Show, 
Blue Ribbons and Medals.

I sell my bears, patterns and kits on my new website www.bosleybears.com
etsy and bearpile .  
You can also find me facebook if you would like to keep up with my new creations.   www.facebook.com/bosleybears 
Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!
Bear Hugs Karen

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