Monday, 16 September 2013

Some New Bears

 Well the winter months have finally passed here in Australia and it is starting to warm up which I am so grateful for only because my poor little girl has been sick on and off all winter.
 I feel like I haven't been very productive during winter but I have been still working on a few bears which I thought I would share. 
This is Jasmine, she will soon be leaving for her new home in the USA.
She is made from a gorgeous creamy white coloured vintage
mink coat, she is only tiny just 12cm tall. 
She has hand painted blue eyes and a handmade fimo nose.
This is Lil Brown Bear, he is made from some nice brown mink he is also just 12cm tall.  His eyes are also hand painted and has a little tiny cute fimo nose.  He is on his way to live in Germany. 
And last but not least these two beauty's will be staying here in Australia, they were a custom order made from a Grandmas Vintage Shoal.  They are a bit bigger than Lil Brown Bear and Jasmine, and still amazingly beautiful.  The fur was so gorgeous, its what makes them nice!
Sorry its been such a long time again in between posts,
hopefully summer will get me moving a bit faster:)

1 comment:

  1. Karen your little Minky bears are delightful. They feel so gorgeous don't they.


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