Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Doily Storage Bag

Thought I would share this lovely unique idea my lovely Mum had.
Last week was my birthday and Mum made this really lovely bag to store all of my doily's in.  I think it is really cool.  I am a bit of an old fashioned doily fanatic and have quite a few.  I have some beautiful ones all hand embroided and crocheted by my Grandma, Aunty and Mum.  As hard as I try they always end up all screwed up and messy in the cupboard.  This will keep them nice a flat and organised. She made the pattern herself and my dad cut a piece of timber for the base. 
She covered the base in a felt like fabric, and you can take it out so you can wash the bag if you need to.  Very Clever!!
I just love it, Thanks Mum!

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