Monday, 16 September 2013

Some New Bears

 Well the winter months have finally passed here in Australia and it is starting to warm up which I am so grateful for only because my poor little girl has been sick on and off all winter.
 I feel like I haven't been very productive during winter but I have been still working on a few bears which I thought I would share. 
This is Jasmine, she will soon be leaving for her new home in the USA.
She is made from a gorgeous creamy white coloured vintage
mink coat, she is only tiny just 12cm tall. 
She has hand painted blue eyes and a handmade fimo nose.
This is Lil Brown Bear, he is made from some nice brown mink he is also just 12cm tall.  His eyes are also hand painted and has a little tiny cute fimo nose.  He is on his way to live in Germany. 
And last but not least these two beauty's will be staying here in Australia, they were a custom order made from a Grandmas Vintage Shoal.  They are a bit bigger than Lil Brown Bear and Jasmine, and still amazingly beautiful.  The fur was so gorgeous, its what makes them nice!
Sorry its been such a long time again in between posts,
hopefully summer will get me moving a bit faster:)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Its been way too long!

Well its been a little while since I posted because well....... life is just too busy!
I have been working more than usual at my Pharmacy job filling in for people on holidays and maternity leave etc. And of course my gorgeous little 4 year old keeps me pretty busy most of the time.  I am making the most of having her home before she starts school next year:( 
But somehow I have still found some time to work on a few bears. 
 I have been working mainly on custom orders but have a couple of little cuties nearly finished that will be available for adoption soon.
This little cutie is my favourite at the moment, but I can't seem to find any accessories that I like for him.  I like him just the way he is... I can't think of a name either???? Never mind it will come.  He is the smallest mink bear I have made so far.  He stands about 15cm tall.  I just love him. 

This pile of fluffy mink parts is what I am working on at the moment they are soon to
 be transformed into two little minky bears, they should turn out nice. 
They are a custom order made from a lovely vintage shoal.
And these two lovely's just finished last week are made from Vintage Reo Dyed Ermine Fur Coat, also a custom order.  Their paw pads, tie and bow are all made from the lining of the coat.  They were a bit of a challenge due to the leather being very delicate, I had to be very gentle.

I will post some pics of the two minky's when I am done, hopefully in the next week or two!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

New Pattern - Olivia Hedgehog

Please meet Olivia the little Bear Hedgehog!
My newest pattern hot off the press.
You can now make your own little Olivia Hedgehog!
You can find Olivia on the Patterns page or pop over to my website:)
Available in Emailed PDF or Paper Pattern.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Clearance Sale

I am having a clean up in my display cabinet, time to make some much needed space.


Bears and Friends at drastically reduced prices!
Auctions go for 10 days only!!
Pop over to ebay and type in "Bosley Bears" and they should all come up.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Old but New!

Old Chest of Drawers become new again!

I haven't had a lot of time in the last couple of weeks to work on my bears because I have been a bit busy.  So I thought I would show you one of the things I have been working on!  Apart from looking after my little 4 yr old cherub and doing some more than usual hours at my real job,  I have been helping my husband paint walls.........boring.......yawn...... til it comes to my crafty/computer room:)))
We spent 3 days of our 4 day Easter weekend painting.  The walls as I said were pretty boring but then we spent the last day restoring this old chest of drawers.  I didn't think to take a before picture but it was a tired dark colour stained timber with black handles.  I wanted it look old but new again so I picked a light greeny colour and we stressed it to make it look oldish.  My hubby did all the hard work sanding it back etc and I helped paint we are soooo happy with the how it looks. 
I now have some storage for all my bear fur and fabrics and sewing stuff which I am very excited about because we don't have a very big home and storage space is very limited. I will share some more pics of my new room once I have finished putting it all back together and it is nice and tidy:)



Very Cute Fairy Door!  

I also thought you might like to see this, I found this gorgeous little fairy door yesterday in a lovely little gift shop.  It is only tiny and the door really opens.  It is designed to be stuck onto the wall in a little girls room so that all the fairy's can come and go.  And especially the tooth fairy so she can come and go when she needs cool is that.  I just loved it and had to have it, for my little girls room of course.  But as I am typing I am wondering if I put one in my room maybe the cleaning fairies might come in through the night and do some

One very soft Lapin Fur Bear!

And last but not least I have been working on two special bears in the little spare time I have had, one I can't show because it is for someone special that might see this;) and the other is this baby.  Not quite finished but when I have finished I will pop some photos up.  Lovely Old recycled Lapin coat that had definitely seen better days, but now will live on as a beautiful teddy bear. 
Anyway that's enough from me my eyes are a bit sleepy been at my real job today so time for bed soon I think.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Life for an old Vintage Coat - All Finished

All finished......two lovely bears!
  A boy and a girl both made from an heirloom mink coat. 
 A tie for the boy and a bow for the girl, both made from the beautiful lining of the coat. 
The button on the bow is also off the original coat.
I was very excited and honoured to be given the oppurtunity
to turn this lovely mink coat into something that
can now be treasured for generations to come.


I hope you have all enjoyed watching these two bears come to
 life, I have enjoyed sharing it with you all:)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Old Vintage Coat coming to life!

Here are a few more piccys of this lovely coat being transformed into a couple of bears.  I am almost finished.  It has taken me three weeks so far so not too fast but thats ok isn't it?
Lots of bits and pieces almost all sewn up. 

Just realised I forgot the ears......oops!
We can't hear anything!!!
The begining of face scissor sculpting, just a sneak peak!
I can see and smell.....
Almost finished:)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Doily Storage Bag

Thought I would share this lovely unique idea my lovely Mum had.
Last week was my birthday and Mum made this really lovely bag to store all of my doily's in.  I think it is really cool.  I am a bit of an old fashioned doily fanatic and have quite a few.  I have some beautiful ones all hand embroided and crocheted by my Grandma, Aunty and Mum.  As hard as I try they always end up all screwed up and messy in the cupboard.  This will keep them nice a flat and organised. She made the pattern herself and my dad cut a piece of timber for the base. 
She covered the base in a felt like fabric, and you can take it out so you can wash the bag if you need to.  Very Clever!!
I just love it, Thanks Mum!

Monday, 4 March 2013

New Life for Vintage Fur Coat - Next Steps!

Following my last post these pics are the next steps of the transformation of an old vintage coat. 
I am making two good size bears a girl and a boy.
Pattern Pieces all traced out on main body and arms of the coat.
Lining stuck on and pattern retraced.

 All cut out and ready for sewing:) My favourite part!
Will keep you posted on the next steps!



Friday, 1 March 2013

New Life for an Old Vintage Coat!

Lovely Old Vintage Mink Fur Coat

Disassembled Lovely Old Vintage Coat
I just looove making bears and recently started using old vintage fur coats to make my little bears out of, which has been a bit of learning curve but I think the finished bears are just soooo adorable.
I am completely against animal cruelty and just love animals, but I see no harm in taking these old coats and making them into something beautiful.
I thought I would take photos and share with you the process I follow as I make
two bears out of this lovely old coat.
I will post more photos as I progress through.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Clearance Sale!!! Be quick!!!

I need to make some room in my tiny display cabinet so I have decided to have a clearance sale!
Cherry is going for AU$50 plus delivery.
You can find her on my webpage or for more detailed photos
Cherry is designed and made by me.
I will be listing several more bears over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Its been a while!


Happy New Year Everyone!

Well it has been a while since I have posted here on my blog so I thought I had better get busy and share some of the things I have been up to over the Christmas. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and are all keeping well.

It is a new year and I have lots of plans for the year - lots of ideas:)

But first I thought I would share our weekend that we have just had with you. It was a very interesting weekend here where we live in South East Queensland with an ex cyclone slowly working it's way past us.  It started at the top of the East coast of Australia and worked it's way the whole way down.  It came with huge rainfall and the wildest winds I have ever seen. It has caused a huge amount of problems with major flooding and damage from the wind. Some areas have had the highest flood levels on record.  Thousands of houses have been flooded, and some lives lost.  It is just heart wrenching to see it all happening again, it was this time two years ago here in Brisbane we had major flooding of the Brisbane river.
These are a couple of pictures that I took just around the corner from our house and the street that runs behind us.  We live two blocks from the ocean.  This flooding was from the tidal surge from the ocean, many locals said they had never seen the water come up this far.  We got a surprise when we walked around the corner to see the water in the street behind us. 
This shot was taken during the storm, my husband decided he would go for a walk to see what the ocean looked like, I didn't I stayed home where it was dry!

This is after the storm stopped and the high tide just kept on rising.
These photos are the street behind us.

These two are from the end of our street looking down towards the beach
These are the 2 streets either end of our street.

That is my hubby and little cherub daughter walking down to have a look at the water.  She has her rather big rain coat on because the spray from the wild ocean was a bit full on.
Whilst the water levels weren't really high like in some flooded areas there was damage done to a lot of homes and lots of cleaning up to do.

A Few Bear Piccy's

I have a few more piccy's to show you this time of some very special bears I have been making over the Christmas and New Year Period.
This lovely girl was made for a special lady, she is made from a calico type fabric with chenille detailing.  She is the biggest bear I have made so far.  I think she turned out quite beautiful, I did sew her on the sewing machine though:) way too big for hand sewing. 
All of these pics have all been taken on my phone because I was in a hurry to deliver them. Sorry the quality isn't that great:)


These three babies were all made from various recycled vintage fur coats to be given to loved ones to last for more generations to come. 

The silver and cream coloured one was really special. (top pic)  It was made from a mink shawl that belongs to a 85 year old lady.  The shawl was a 21st Birthday present from her parents. She loved him!


Well it has been a rather long post today! I will leave it there xoxoxo

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